Global Employment

We are looking for new members from all over the world.

  • About us.

    Skyarch Networks is providing "server management service" which is server management and operations for AWS, other cloud services, and on-premises servers.
    We provide secure and safe technical support for 365 days for 24 hours.
    Our customers are about 450 companies their services are such as E-commerce websites, game applications, portal sites, corporate sites, content delivery service, and core systems Innovate customer's business, accelerate their growth, then build wealthy communication between customers.
  • For inquiries about employment at Skyarch Networks.

    Currently, cloud services are progressing rapidly in the IT industry.
    We own trust of the customers by providing a quick and high performance of cloud server knowledge.
    We are not just providing infrastructure and server operations; we also provide helping the best solution for their servers and operations.
    Our goal is to give high-quality service with satisfaction by building a close relationship with our customers.
    A lot of inexperienced young member have started with us and now working successfully.
    When you Join Skyarch, training program and OJT program is prepared for you.
    You can have a great support from experienced seniors and build your engineer career at Skyarch.
  • Join us.

    You are welcomed if you…

    ・forget other things while you are programming.
    ・look back when you overhear a new technique and development.
    ・cannot help thinking about the technique and its structure when you discover an innovative website.

    You should join the Skyarch if you're qualified with the type mentioned above.

Applicants Requirements

  • Job category
    Engineer(aws server engineer, programmer)
  • Work location
    Tokyo Head Office / Toranomon 3-8-21 Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Japan Toranomon 33 Mori Building 6th floor
  • Working hours
  • SalaryMonthly
    185,000 yen ~ +bonus
  • Required Skills
    programmer(AWS/Python/Ruby)(You must pass our programming test.)
  • Language
  • Preferred skill(Qualifying examination)
    RHCE(Certified Engneer)
    AWS Solutions Architect Associate
    Japanese ( more than Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level3)
    DevOps,Code,Infrastructure as Code,Ansible,Ruby,Puppet,Chef,CircleCI,Jenkins,Boto3
  • Welfare
    Prepared dormitory (costs 25,000 yen per month)
    Social insurance complete (employment, workers 'injury, employees' pension, health)
    Health check up, General check up ”Ningen Dock” (for over 30 years old)
    Recreation facilities, various accommodation facilities ・ sports club discount
    Employee trip, qualification exam cost expense
    Holiday break
    Full weekly two days system (Saturday, Sunday), Holidays
    Annual paid vacation, summer vacation, New Year's holiday vacation

Global Members Interview

Roldan, Glen Lubay
Hometown Philippines
Joined on December 22, 2014
Affiliated Technical Division Development Unit
Recruitment Category Mid-career recruitment
  • why join us?

    Skyarch Network Inc. is a reputed company. When I read about the company I found that my skills are matching the requirements. I want to explore my talent through the company. I consider it as a lifetime opportunity and it would be like an extremely learning exposure. It is a great privilege to work here that no one can miss the chance to get a job and grow along with the company. Apart from that the complexities and challenges offered to an entrant in this company help a lot in enhancing his professional skills. the environment here gives perfect take off to the dreams. The company's balance between strong growth and corporate stability make it an attractive place to build a career.
  • How's the work in the Skyarch.

    The people at this company are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work. Skyarch will give you a job that challenges you every day in different ways. We have been asked for an opinion on a regular basis, and we are allowed to speak our mind without fear. Working here means you have the freedom to experiment and fail, and still support your actions. You are allowed to grow and show your potential. You have the freedom to think outside the box and have all thoughts considered. You are able to use your skills and knowledge as well as push yourself in areas that you are unsure of yourself. It means you are always learning here.
  • How do you want to build your career as an engineer in the future?

    A Successful Software Engineer (a Programmer), pretty much all kinds of programmers. Who prioritizes quality. Who know how to care the customers and trying to anticipate the needs of the users. Who cares about utility, security, elegance and performance. Who know how to get things done.
Richmond Wang
Hometown Philippines
Joined on January 07, 2016
Affiliated Technical Division Development Unit
Recruitment Category Mid-career recruitment
  • why join us?

    When I read about Skyarch Networks Inc., I understood that it is one of the best server monitoring companies here in Japan and abroad, including China and New York. And to work with such a prestigious company like Skyarch is check on my bucket list. I decided to join Skyarch because I saw the rich and friend environment for engineers like me who are enthusiastic about creating and innovating technologies.
  • How's the work in the Skyarch.

    Skyarch is not just a stepping stone for engineers like me, it is like jumping a trampoline leaping forward to what you have dreamed of doing or creating. I have loved Skyarch because they support your ideas and consider your opinions when it comes to brainstorming and planning. They nurture your skills and the way you think. Skyarch really helps you become the most of who you can be, the one you never thought of becoming. Skyarch makes you more awesome.
  • How do you want to build your career as an engineer in the future?

    Since before I came to Skyarch I have always dreamed of becoming part of a team that creates world class global-scoped technologies or apps. And I still am wanting to be that, to be more awesome and an inspiring and aspiring engineer. In short, as many have already said, I want to create a dent in the world, a legacy that everyone will know and remember.
Cinco Mark Anthony Reyes
Hometown Philippines
Joined on August 29, 2016
Affiliated Technical Division Development Division
Recruitment Category Mid-career recruitment
  • why join us?

    Becoming a better developer and person each day are a few of the reasons why I decided to enter Skyarch. I believed that a new environment, out of my comfort zone, will force me to become a person who I know I will be proud of. Whilst growing up, my parents would tell me about their experience in Japan and its people. Strict discipline and hard work while maintaining a friendly stature are traits that most Japanese have. Learning this from the Japanese became my priority since these are essential for a successful and happy person. The unknown challenges of living and working in a different country invoke fear within me, but at the same time, excitement as well. With all these in mind, it wasn't difficult to choose the obvious choice.
  • How's the work in the Skyarch.

    The people and environment of Skyarch are two qualities that have not yet failed to impress me each day as I come to work. Whenever I need help, my colleagues are willing to extend their hand to assist. Even the obvious language barrier doesn't hinder anyone from helping. Getting along with the people here is as easy as easy as getting lost in the Japanese conversations that I hear everyday. The workplace is also maintained very well by everyone in the company. Everyone takes cleanliness seriously as it prevents people from getting sick. In terms of the work given, I enjoy the multiple distinct tasks given to me as this exposes me to latest technologies that are being used by the majority of the tech giants in the industry.
  • How do you want to build your career as an engineer in the future?

    I want to become a Full Stack Engineer/Developer who is not just good in programming and scripting languages but also fluent in speaking other languages such as the Japanese language. Having a good skill set is not enough to satiate my programmer's desire. I also picture myself as an engineer who enjoys making the lives of people easy and making it possible for them to pursue and achieve their dreams with the power of information technology.